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Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovsky prospect, 54
  • Preparing children for school

"100 Languages" is not an accidental name!

A child has 100 hands,
100 thoughts,
100 ways to think, play and talk.
100 ways to listen, admire and love.
100 joyful feelings to sing and understand.
100 worlds to make discoveries in.
Children have 100 languages...

About Us

Our school/nursery is located in a historical district of St. Petersburg, in a modern styled space of 300 sq.m.

We have a nursery for children from 2 to 6 years old, this is a place where children have the opportunity to learn about the world through games, dancing, singing, sculpting and participating in theatrical productions. Even with the smallest children, English classes are conducted by a native speaker from Canada.

At "100 Languages" there are Educational Clubs, which can be visited just once, full-time or part time. The clubs are designed for different age groups starting from 2 years old and are aimed at obtaining new skills and knowledge that children get in real practice. For example, compiling a list of produce and weighing the ingredients in the club; "Little Chef" or to make connections with our English friends who immerse the children in an English language environment, in the English Club.

At "100 Languages" there is an elementary school for children from 7 to 12 years old. Our world is changing rapidly, the old system of teaching, when the teacher speaks, and the student listens, is not as effective as newer methodologies. In order to succeed in the future, it is important for the children to learn on their own, to seek knowledge and use it, and not to engage in memorization and repetition theory.

Our teachers and educators are experts in their fields and authors of their own unique teaching methods, adapted from the best available from around the world. Most importantly, our teachers are inventors that create with the children and are ready for any task. Next to them, the students are not afraid to make mistakes, they are comfortable, and therefore feel free and ready be themselves.

Nutrition and diet in "100 languages" is given special attention. In our kitchen, we only cook delicious and healthy food! Our pride is our bread. Thanks to our own mill for grinding grains of wheat, rye and other grains, we get organic, whole-grain flour. We regularly bring fresh milk, eggs and chicken directly from the farm. The children themselves participate in baking bread and making muesli. The children also have access to fresh and clean well water. We are convinced that the quality of natural food is a guarantee of health and helps one reach proper development!


Why Us?

Express-preparation for school

Themed and language camps for kids during school holidays

Educational clubs for children aged 2 to 12

Our teachers and educators are recognized experts in their fields

We create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere, which is the foundation for the all-round development of the child

Individually aimed approach for the child, taking into account the nature of their character, interests and desires

Classes are primarily built on games and experimenting, allowing children to "live" and gain invaluable practical experiences

Flexible system of seasonal payments for visiting the nursery and educational clubs for comfortable adaptation of the child, or for when there is no need for a full-time enrollment

In our library we have collected books which have become classics of children's literature, and rare editions in English, brought from abroad

The safety of our children is our number 1 priority: there are CCTV cameras and a security alarm on the premises

Private kindergarten in the Petrogradsky district

Harmonious development of the children is the pledge of full discovery of their talents and potential. This is a start in a happy, busy and successful life that begins with a visit to our private kindergarten in St. Petersburg.

Training and live communication takes place in a spacious, bright, sunny room using modern safe and eco-friendly toys and applied development material. In the classroom, children get together in small groups, and the teacher pays attention to each child individually, monitoring their progress and the degree of their mastering of the new material.

The teaching methods in our private kindergarten in St. Petersburg are selected with consideration for the age-specific needs of our young students. What does it give?

  • Information is presented to the child in an understandable, interesting and easily digestible form: children can easily master large amounts of knowledge.
  • Lessons are built including game elements: students create, experiment, and thus understand the applied side of the material being taught.
  • Children constantly interact with each other and the teacher in an easy, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere: a strong interest in learning and development is able to be maintained.

What makes our private kindergarten different?

Every year, individual kindergartens are filled with applications from parents who want to take their kids to early development centers or preschool groups. Such an aspiration is caused by the fact that the kindergartens in the Petrograd district offer a harmonious all-round development of the child. Children get acquainted with and try experimenting in various scientific and applied areas:

  • Logic and mathematics.
  • Grammar and writing.
  • School of speed reading according to the method of Shamil Ahmadullin.
  • Foreign languages.
  • Music, art and other creative classes.

Most importantly - at the center of early development in St. Petersburg, educators and teachers create a unique environment in which each student feels "at home", and therefore can develop without nervousness or mental strain. Intellectual pursuits are interspersed with physical activity, a fun game or a delicious lunch of natural and eco-friendly products.

To learn more about how our private kindergarten in St. Petersburg works, check out our website or contact us on one of our telephone numbers or through our online site support.



Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovsky prospect, 54

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