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Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovsky prospect, 54

Why Us?

Express-preparation for school

Themed and language camps for kids during school holidays

Educational clubs for children aged 2 to 12

Our teachers and educators are recognized experts in their fields

We create a psychologically comfortable atmosphere, which is the foundation for the all-round development of the child

Individually aimed approach for the child, taking into account the nature of their character, interests and desires

Classes are primarily built on games and experimenting, allowing children to "live" and gain invaluable practical experiences

Flexible system of seasonal payments for visiting the nursery and educational clubs for comfortable adaptation of the child, or for when there is no need for a full-time enrollment

In our library we have collected books which have become classics of children's literature, and rare editions in English, brought from abroad

The safety of our children is our number 1 priority: there are CCTV cameras and a security alarm on the premises

100 языков


Saint-Petersburg, Chkalovsky prospect, 54

Road map

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